Detailed Course Contents

1.5 Detailed Course Contents

We learned about what this video course is included but we also also see the sections in this course in detail. 

Following are the 9 sections covered in this course that will help you understand Dynamics 365 from the scratch and UI based and code based options available to customize to the application. 

▪ Section 1 - Course Overview 

▪ Section 2 – Dynamics 365 CE Overview

▪ Section 3 – Customizing Dynamics 365 CE

▪ Section 4 – How to become a Dynamics 365 CE developer

▪ Section 5 – Setting up Dynamics 365 CE Development environment 

▪ Section 6 - Customizing Dynamics 365 CE

▪ Section 7 – Understanding OOB Customization 

▪ Section 8 – Code based Customization  in Dynamics 365 CE

▪ Section 9 – Understanding Microsoft Power Platform  

Section 1 gives an overview of the course

Section 2 gives you a detailed overview about Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) application and its components. 

Section 3 talks about the importance of customizing the dynamics 365 CE application and the different methods and options available to customize the Dynamics 365 CE suite.

Section 4 talks about how to become a Dynamics 365 CE developer. This section will give you a clear cut idea about the roles and responsibilities of a Dynamics 365 CE developer and what are the skills that a Dynamics 365 CE developer and functional consultant should acquire.

Section 5 discusses how to set up the development environment for customizing Dynamics 365 CE and the tools required to set up to do the development for Dynamics 365 CE.

Section 6

Section 7 – Understanding OOB Customization, discusses the different customization options that developers have in Dynamics 365 CE application. Discuss Out of the box (OOB) UI tools available in the application to perform customization. 

Section 8 – Code based Customization  in Dynamics 365 CE, talks about different code based customization options we have available in the application. As part of the development process in Dynamics 365 CE develop can use methods liked Plugins, custom workflow activities, JavaScript to customize the application .

Section 9 we discuss Microsoft Power Platform in detail. This section is more of an introduction to Dynamics 365 and talks about the different components in Power Platform such as PowerApps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents. 

Learning Path from D365 Academy  

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