Why Customization is needed

Need of Customization 

▪ Dynamics 365 CE provides you all the standard CRM functionality. 

▪ What if your customers’ requirement is not available? www.dynamics365academy.com


Why Customization is Needed? 

▪ If the customer requirement doesn't fit the standard features available. 

▪ Complex business requirements may require customizations beyond OOB. 

▪ Customization can be done using UI. 

▪ Or using code – plugin and workflows activities, Scripting.  


Custom Development 

When Custom development is Needed? 

▪ Businesses identify more and more specific needs for analyzing data, supporting their customers, increasing sales. 

▪ Eager to find ways to be more cost effective and profitable in their business. 

▪ Want to find optimize their business processes. www.dynamics365academy.com

xRM Platform 

What is xRM Platform? 

▪ xRM is the development platform on which Dynamics 365 application is built .  

▪ In xRM ‘x’ for anything ie; Relationship management for anything. 


xRM Platform 

How useful is xRM Platform? 

▪ Can be extended to any industry and domain that needs Relationship Management. 

▪ Dataverse is the next generation XRM. 


▪ Patient Relationship Management for Hospitals. ▪ Student Relationship Management for Institutions etc.