What you would learn?

What is included in this Course

In this course we will cover the following topics in the given order starting from what is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Customer Engagement, and then different types of customization we can do with Dynamics 365 CE application.  

And the course end with the 9th section which covers the latest topics in the Dynamics 365 application suite, that is Microsoft Power Platform.



▪ What is Dynamics 365? 

▪ How to become a Dynamics 365 CE Developer ▪ Setup Development Environment 

▪ What is Customization 

▪ Customization Basics 

▪ OOB Vs Code-based customization ▪ PowerApps Development Basics 


By the end of this Course

By completing this video course on dynamics 365 CE you would learn the following:

▪ Understanding Dynamics 365 CE features. 

▪ OOB Vs Code based customization options. 

▪ Customizing Forms, views, dashboards. 

▪ What is Plugin and Custom Workflows? 

▪ How to use JavaScript with forms. 

▪ Dynamics 365 CE Trial account & development environment setup.