What Is Customization

Section Overview 

▪ What is Customization 

▪ Why Customization is Needed. 

▪ OOB Vs Code based customizations 

▪ Supported Vs un-supported Customization ▪ Dynamics 365 Architecture 

▪ Dataverse (CDS) 




What is Customization 

▪ Dynamics 365 CE provides a flexible development platform using which developers can extend its functionality. 

▪ Your business might need to create or customize existing Entities, forms or fields. Or create new workflows and dialogs. 



What you can customize? 

▪ Can customize the UI ( forms, views, reports, dashboards). 

▪ Can customize Schema ( Entities, Attributes, Relationships, Hierarchy) 

▪ Customize Processes ( Workflows, BPFs, Actions) ▪ Can customize Navigation ( Sitemap, Ribbon) 



How to customize? 

▪ Most of the customizations can be done using UI tools( OOB) tools. 

▪ Complex requirements can be implemented using code. www.dynamics365academy.com

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Where to customize? 



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